Remote Usability Testing

Remote Usability

See your customers engage with your online experience in real time on their “own turf”.

Observe your customers or prospective customers in their home home for a “reality check” of how they truly interact with your site. Distractions such as phone calls, visitors, and even a barking dog, can affect the way in which customers use your online products and services.

Combine that environment with the familiarly of using their own computer, operating system, browser of choice, and screen resolution and you are as close as you can be to being inside your customer’s head.

With the excitement and unpredictability of this approach, having a professional moderator on camera speaking with your customers ensures your questions are answered real time so there are no “what ifs” after the fact. All of this allows for deeper insights that can uncover both major usability issues as well as brand perception.


Our remote usability methodology is similar to our typical usability testing methodology. Our professional moderator engages one on one with each participant using web cams. We capture the users screen movements, facial expressions, and verbal commentary as they use your site.

Through our client viewing experience, you are offered a clear picture of the user screen and a picture-in-picture view of the participant as well. Clients can observe this live in an observation room or they can view this same feed in a live stream from their desktop.

Unique Advantages To Remote Testing

  • See your customers use your online experience from their actual environment (home, home office, coffee shop, etc).
  • Watch as they use on their own familiar computer or other hardware device.
  • Learn how your customers see your site as they interact using their own Operating System, screen resolution, and preferred browser.
  • Recruit participants across the entire country vs. a single city.

Core Elements For Good User Experience

Our Remote Usability Testing service enables you to identify what is working as well as opportunities for improvement. Consider the following:

  • Visual Design – Is the site design effective? Does it support user needs and business goals?
  • User Interface – This is what most of us think of as “UI”:  component-like menus, radio buttons, drop-downs, AJAX, sorting and filtering options, search, category, product detail pages, and so forth. Success of the UI depends on whether these components, and the overall interaction with them, provide an effective and useful experience for your customers.
  • Navigation – Can customers get to where they want to go easily?  Does the site help them to seamlessly explore and deepen their engagement with your product, brand and services?
  • Information Architecture – Is the information organized in a way that makes sense to customers? Are the menus and content organized in a clear way that is consistent with users’ mental models?
  • User Needs vs. Site Objectives (aka “Business Model”) – For a site to have long-term success, it must offer customer value while satisfying your business model. Is the site experience sufficiently compelling and engaging? Does it cultivate loyal customers who make repeat visits? Do they spend more time on your site?

Participant Recruitment 

We work closely with you and (typically) a recruiting firm to ensure we recruit users that represent your customer segments.


Our final deliverable includes a PowerPoint presentation approximately a week after the study is complete. We present our findings, including video clips, to help your team understand the issues observed. We provide actionable recommendations for fixing the issues, and answer any questions your team has.

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