Customer UX Ideation

Customer UX Ideation

Test your assumptions with customers before investing in development.

Ideas and opinions can run in every direction during the early stages of strategic planning. How your online experience will look and feel is highly subjective and extremely important. The way it will behave for your customers requires clarity as early on in your planning as possible.

How do you gain clarity in these early stages? Reach out to your customers. Their feedback can be the quickest path to weeding out those experiences that don’t resonate, while helping strengthen the experiences with the most possibilities for your business.

This is not a focus group. This is Creative Problem Solving (CPS).

Our certified CPS-trained moderators use a variety of idea generating exercises. These create new possibilities, while encouraging customers to set criteria that filter out the weakest ideas.

In the end, your team gains actionable insights for your final planning. This compresses your internal decision-making, which jump starts your UX product development cycle.

Typical sessions include the following steps:

  • Presenting your top UX concepts to groups of customers for initial impressions and interpretation
  • Generating lots of ideas (aka ideation) on how to improve the concepts (divergence)
  • Setting criteria to filter out the top ideas (convergence)
  • Customer strengthening of the final, “winning” ideas
  • Setting internal team priority and action items in an end-of-day client debrief


Our final deliverable includes a 24-hour turnaround on the top 10 insights as well as a full presentation delivered approximately a week after the sessions are complete. We present our findings, including video clips (which work well for execs and the boardroom), to help your team understand the issues observed.  We provide actionable recommendations based on customer feedback and our ideation experience, as well as answer any questions your team has.

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