About Us

Who We Are

OneSpark is a forward thinking, customer research firm that helps Fortune 500 companies test the next generation of web, mobile and interactive TV user experiences.

We help companies find ways to identify and solve tricky usability issues with their interactive products and services. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Through the use of innovative tools and techniques including onsite and remote research, ideation, and eye tracking
  • Through exceptional senior-level customer service to each client, often with a sense of humor
  • By moving rapidly within our clients’ tight product road map timelines
  • By bringing clarity to chaos through tangible and actionable recommendations

Why the Name OneSpark?

We chose the name OneSpark because at the end of any engagement, no matter what the challenge and what tools and techniques were used, there is that one realization that sheds light on the issue.

It may be one tiny awareness, or one small suggestion a customer mentions when they engage with your interactive experience. Of course it may also be one huge, showstopper of a barrier preventing customers from moving forward on your app or web site. No matter the size, no matter whether anyone on the team foresaw this…. it is this exact ONE spark of a moment where the light goes on for everyone observing. We see this happen each and every time. The work we do settles internal debates (and opposing opinions). Your entire team will align around this one spark and find that solution which creates an exceptional online experience for your customers.

What Makes Us Unique

We chalk it up to our approach, our experience, and our commitment. More specifically:

You Are Our Priority

When you engage with OneSpark, you work with the same people from start to finish. We get to know you. We get to know your business. We become intimately engaged in your project. Our goal is to make you feel as if you are our only project. Our clients tell us they appreciate our ability to move quickly to meet their needs.

We Are Your Experts

The interactive world changes quickly, and we are fortunate enough to be privy to what leading companies are creating. We see which parts of an interactive experience function well, and which parts function poorly. As a result we can guide you and your team through actions based on what your customers want, as well as what the industry leaders are doing today. Our recommendations are based on both our expertise and what your customers actually do and say when engaged online.

Always Looking Forward

We are committed to providing fresh technologies and methodologies to allow our clients to get deeper insights. We live and breathe customer service, guiding our clients each step of the way. We challenge ourselves to continually find “the better” way.

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